About PSA Pure Water

PSA is the first company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of water treatment units for commercial and domestic use, legally authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic. In addition, PSA is part of a selected group of companies in the world which are certified to the ISO-9001:2008 standards, supported by a maximum hierarchy body as the IRAM.

PSA develops it products according to the Water Quality Association (WQA) standards, establishment of which our company is a member, and to other international bodies dedicated to the control and certification of quality in matters related to health and environment. Each PSA product has a written warranty of complete satisfaction. Likewise, the users have access to technical advice and assistance all over the country, through the After Sales Department and the Call Centre.

Why to choose PSA pure water

Two litres of water is equal to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water (this piece of information will help you to measure how much water you are drinking per day). When talking about liquids, have in mind that not all drinks are equal to Pure Water. There are some cases in which higher doses are required to achieve the necessary level of water in the body.

3 cups of coffee = 2 cups of Pure Water
1 cup of soda = 1 cup of Water

Warning: alcoholic drinks reduce the water in your organism, instead of increasing it. That’s why it is recommended to drink the same quantity of water, or more than the alcoholic intake.

A continuous hydration is extremely important for your organism. Just by losing 1% of your weight in water, you can have disorders related to dehydration.

When you exercise, you lose more water than usual, so it is necessary to drink liquids before, during, and after any activity.

Pure and Safe Water

You will enjoy pure and safe water, as much as you want, to drink, to prepare infusions, juices or any kind of drinks, to cook or for general use, from the comfort of our own tap.


All models have affordable prices, and each litre of PSA Purified Water costs just a few cents. There are no other similar alternatives out there in the market.

Personalized and Home Customer Service

Before, during and after sale.

Cutting Edge Technology

First quality materials, most of them imported, which allows a high performance.

Reliability and Safety

All models are approved and certified by the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic and have a written warranty.



Throughout its activity since 1990, PSA has been helping people to become aware of the importance of drinking Pure and Safe Water regularly, for their health and well-being.

At the same time, PSA contributed to alert people about the disadvantages of the chlorine and other different water pollutants from home taps.