Picture PSA
PSA is a division of Industrias Pugliese S. A, an Argentinian company with more than 60 years of uninterrupted activity in different industry sectors.

From the moment of its foundation, in early 1990, PSA has been a pioneer with solid and unquestioned leadership in the development, manufacture and marketing of water treatment units for household and commercial use.

To contribute to the community, providing opportunities for personal growth and development offering the best water quality to all homes.

Becoming the best independent business opportunity, consolidating the leadership in water purification.

Our work aims at earning our distributors and clients’ trust, always seeking coherence between what we say and what we do. The main priority for all PSA members is to build a reliable alternative for our distributors to conduct their business on sound basis and plan their future and their family’s counting on the support of a solid and prestigious Argentinian company that throughout the years has always been at the service of its distributors.

Regardless of results, every PSA member is important. We foster participation and listen attentively to anyone who wishes to enrich us with an opinion. PSA is always open to all people willing to work to plan their future.
We acknowledge and strengthen people dignity providing opportunities on equal basis for financial, professional and personal fulfillment.

We are devoted to developing innovative products and implementing new technologies and services able to meet the ever changing needs of the market. Moreover, we focus on generating continuous market opportunities and designing management tools that facilitate our distributors’ growth.

We believe our staff training is the basis for professionalism. We follow our distributors’ growth with the appropriate training in every step with innovative management tools and motivation for them to develop high efficiency and quality standards.

Our aim is to constantly create a superior and distinctive value for our customers. We guarantee our products quality throughout their lifespan, therefore protecting water quality and safety in every home. We plan to bring our service closer to people by opening new commercial centers around the country. We put our greatest effort in listening and meeting our clients’ expectations, working in a responsible and efficient manner.

PSA work is based on principles that are clearly committed to the community it serves.
We manufacture and commercialize products and their components for household use to bring solutions to homes.
We aim at international acknowledgement for efficiency, commitment to people and the principles of quality, honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility we adhere to.
This life philosophy promoted the company’s growth throughout its career.

PSA came to life to respond to the need of raising awareness on people about the importance of drinking clean, safe water regularly as an irreplaceable factor for better life quality. It was established as a pioneer company in the development of purified water market in Argentina, which was then emerging.
For this purpose, a line of fine products was launched with proven performance, designed and manufactured in the country applying the most advanced technology and with the endorsement of the Ministry of Health of Argentina.
Today, PSA is the unquestioned leader in the manufacture of bacteriostatic units for potable water treatment for household and commercial use. Moreover, it the first national company in successfully developing a specific direct sale system to commercialize its products: the PSA FLEX MARKETING PLAN.