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Site Terms of Use and Privacy Police

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in the PSA site!

Please, read carefully this statement about our confidentiality and private policies, your entering into the site implies that you agree with its terms.

PSA- División de Industrias Pugliese s.a., firmly assumes the commitment of protect, in reliance thereon, all the personal information get through its current and/or future Internet sites, and which is voluntary provided to the visitors of such sites (from now on, the users).  For that purpose, it has been defined a confidentiality and private policy subject to the following clauses:

• 1- The personal information of the visitors to the Internet site, as well as other sites that the company shall set up in the future (from now on, the PSA site) will be used by the company with two specific and exclusive aims:

1.1- To send information about the company and its products to those users that would ask it for, as well as to those, even without having filled a formal application in such sense, that such information could turn out to be of general interest.

1.2- To evaluate the activity of the PSA site and to generate statistics which help the company to improve its contents and, accordingly, its usefulness for the visitors, according to its needs, tastes and other personal features.

• 2 – The Basic information asked to the users shall be that that allows PSA to identified and be in touch with them.

• 3 - Eventually, PSA also shall ask additional information that helps to better define the users profiles, with the intention of developing answers and proposals (in terms of promotions, invitations, etc.) better according to its expectations. In all cases, the users shall keep the power to refuse to provide such information.

• 4 - PSA does not sell, rent, interchange or commercialize in any way the information that identifies the PSA site visitors.

• 5 – The file with the information provided by the users will exclusively stay under PSA control, and it will only be accessed by authorized employees of the company.

• 6 - Any material, information, communication, images, sounds or text received or written in this Site by users shall implies the authorization of the user for his/her publication, expressly waiving its copyright or intellectual property. Such material shall be distributed or used by PSA, with any intention according to its content that the company shall consider advisable for the pertinent purposes.

• 7 - The users shall keep the right to access to its personal data stored by the company, to ratify, rectify or suppress it, whenever they considered it best, just by sending a message via e-mail. PSA advises to keep the data properly updated, in order to ensure the reception of a better service.

• 8 – Due to any Internet transmission is sheltered by a complete safety, PSA cannot guarantee that the information provided by the users via the PSA site be absolutely safe. This circumstance, external to the PSA responsibility, constitutes a risk that the users acknowledge to know and to accept. 

• 9 - PSA reserves the right to modify the herein clauses whenever considered necessary. For such reason, it is suggested to the users to regularly look it over. 

• 10 – Under no circumstances, PSA - División de Industrias Pugliese s.a., its affiliated and/or its partners, shall be responsible for any damage, either direct or indirect, that the users could undergo for the use or the impossibility to use the PSA site, or for the use of information or materials provided by third parties trough this site.

• 11 – The Rights over all the material provided in this Site by PSA - División de Industrias Pugliese s.a. are owned exclusively by PSA. There are no material from this Site, just like from other Sites the company shall set up in the future, than can be copied, reproduced, uploaded to the system, written, transmitted, or distributed and/or changed in any way with commercial purposes. These third parties actions, expressly and refutably unauthorized by PSA, will be considered as a law infringement over the copyright, the brands and the constitutional right to property. 

• 12 – If any question or enquire about the herein confidentiality and private policies, the users can contact PSA via e-mail:, or through our Call Centre: 0810-2222-772 (PSA).

PSA Responsibility for the information herein provided.

PSA makes sure that all the information provided in this PSA Site be precise and updated. Therefore, we apologize if, even though we tried hard, there is any involuntary mistake.