Do you know the benefits of drinking PSA Pure Water for your health?

PSA takes care of your health and your family’s
  • Water is the essential element in our life

Life cannot exist without water. We should continuously provide fresh water to our body, so we can keep our cells properly hydrated.

  • Our body is made up of around a 70% of water

Water is the most important fuel we drink.
Do you know that more than a half of the worldwide population live dehydrated because they don’t drink the necessary quantity of water?

  • There is nothing that can replace water

There is no other drink that can totally replace the pure water; even drinks like coffee, tea and milk, among others, needs water of our own body to be properly digested.
Water is extremely necessary to keep us hydrated all time. 

  • Water carries out a vital role in our body metabolism

Water is essential for a good digestion, to keep the nutrients absorption, and for the correct functioning of enzymes and other chemical functions. It is important not to drink it during meals, because it liquefies the gastric juices during the digestion.

  • Water is essential for a proper blood circulation, and to stabilize the blood pressure

It works as a thermal shock-absorber and a substances transporter.

  • Water is essential for a healthy weight reduction due to it helps you to feel better

  • Water helps to eliminate the toxins of our body

The lack of energy, bad mood, headaches, heart diseases, allergies, eczemas, rashes, asthma, stones, arteriosclerosis, high pressure, etc., are just signs of our body due to toxins accumulation.

  • Water regulates the cooling of our body

A dehydrated body increases its temperature faster than a hydrated one.

  • Constantly deprive yourself of drinking enough water can lead you to a chronic cell dehydration, which accelerates ageing

In those cases where body cells aren’t enough hydrated, our organism becomes dehydrate and vulnerable to any attack or disease; thus, the immune system becomes weaker and leads to an imbalance due to the chemical and nutritional agents and the low pH.

  • A person may become dehydrated at any time of the year

Dehydration can take place in summer or winter. To be dehydrated is the main cause of being tired, and this is because without water the metabolic function is reduced, and can even lead to amnesia.

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