Business Tools

PSA provides tools and continuous improvements for all distributors:

  • Voluntary, free, ongoing training: we train all our Distributors onsite and at distance to become professionals.

• Auditoriums in all our centers around the country and abroad.
• Daily training: products types, PSA Business, motivational, among others.
• Online training via video conferences.
• Customized continuing education classes for each ranks of Distributors.
• Seminars and International Training Workshops.
• Training material such as: videos, PSA website, leaflets, among others.

  • Quality building infrastructure, lecture halls, meeting room.

We have auditoriums in all our centers around the country and abroad to provide optimal working environment.

  • Exclusive private website for distributors to manage their own business online from any location.

We have a customized management system that allows all distributors to conduct their business professionally.

  • Customized consultancy by internal company staff.

All permanent staff in the company is at the service of distributors, providing solid support for all PSA Independent distributors.

  • Containment and consultancy on part of a sponsor.

Since it is a win-win business, sponsor accompaniment is constant. It is thanks to Flex Marketing Plan that when a distributor expands so its sponsor does.

  • Awards and distinction permanent opportunities.

There are continuous incentives for sales as well as for client portfolio retention and incorporation of new distributors to the teams.  Acknowledgement is part of PSA business philosophy.
Excellence product endorsed by the Ministry of Health of Argentina. All our products are of domestic industry; they are all endorsed by Ministry of Health through INAL (National Food Institute).