Water is equal to life

Gráfico pre-artículo El Agua es Vida

Water plays very important roles during the different stages of a human being’s life. Let’s explore below the different stages where water plays a fundamental role for all of us. Water is the most valuable element on earth and the main nutrient of your organism.

water and children

Since a baby is in a mother's belly, he/she is already immersed in an aquatic medium. When the baby is born, he/she is breastfed… See+


El agua en los jovenes

Imagen el agua en los jovenes

Adolescence is a stage where young people of both sexes begging to worry about their appearance, body and personal care. In that moment of their lives, they make choices… See+


El agua en los adultos y en la tercera edad

It is really common that the current rhythm of life generates a sedentary lifestyle in women and men. Many hours in the office, sitting or standing up, make the body circulation… See+