PSA in Antarctica

Keeping loyal to the commitment to society and the environment, PSA regularly cooperates with Argentinian Air Force Marambio base.

The main features of the undertaking PSA shares with Marambio Base refer to consultancy and control of equipments for water purification as well as the contribution to this institution for compliance of the requirements established by ISO 14001 standards of environmental control. Only Marambio base has achieved this distinction in Antarctica.

Joint project

The complete program of this project PSA coordinates with Marambio Base covers the following topics:

  • Base facilities evaluation.
  • Verification of water issues of liquid effluents.
  • Verification and evaluation of equipments for water production and treatment.
  • Counseling to carry out chemical and bacteriological analysis at the Base.
  • Shipping of lab materials.
  • Design and manufacture of equipments for the treatment and purification of potable water, water for general use for the Base kitchen, dispenser, drinks and coffee machines, etc.
  • Regular tests for potable water quality monitoring in order to comply with the requirements from ISO 14001 standards.
  • Training of future crews, including the elaboration of technical manuals. 

The tasks carried out by PSA and the Argentinian Air Force aim at improving life quality for crew members.

It is then clear the institutional relevance that the presence in such a unique region as the Antarctica has for the company as well as for its members and network of independent distributors. This presence, as can be seen, is real and effective.

It is for this reason we assure with full knowledge and pride that PSA covers the entire country.