Establishment authorized by the National Department of Health

PSA PSA is the first company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of water treatment units for commercial and domestic use, legally authorized by the National Department of Health. It is registered at the National Registry of Establishments (RNE) under number 020 033 995.

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•# 1 IN SALES: 

Currently, PSA is an undisputed leader in the production of bacteriostatic units for treating drinking water, aimed at domestic and commercial use. At the same time, it is the first company with domestic capitals to successfully develop in our country a specific direct sales system, through which it markets its products: the PSA Flex Marketing Plan.

Thus we constituted a pioneer company in the evolution of the then emerging market that purified water in Argentina. To this end, it has developed a line of fine products, with proven performance, designed and produced in the country with the most advanced technology and with the support of National Department of Health.

• International Guidelines:
PSA PSA develops its products in accordance with the guidelines of the Water Quality Association (WQA), institution to which our company is associated, and of other international organizations dedicated to quality control and certification in matters related to health and the environment. 

• Product and service warranty:
Todos los productos PSA All PSA products offer a total satisfaction written guarantee. We also offer technical advice and assistance throughout the country for users, through our After Sales and Customer Care Department.