Water and adults and seniors

G´rafico pre-artículo el agua en los adultos

imagen el agua en los adultosWater and Adults

It is really common that the current rhythm of life generates a sedentary lifestyle in women and men. Many hours in the office, sitting or standing up, make the body circulation inappropriate.

In general, the most affected by this type of life are adults developing their professional career: that’s why it is extremely important that the quantity of water intake always be the necessary one. We recommend drinking around 8 glasses of water per day.

Usually, the daily ups and downs make us forget to drink something as important as the water is, or to drink it only when we are thirsty. That’s why it is always advisable to have a full bottle or glass of water in your desk or work place to makes us be aware of the water intake we need.

Water and Seniors

Even though in this stage of life is not necessary to drink so much water as in the adulthood or childhood, it is necessary to control how much water is consumed because the thirsty mechanism doesn’t work fine during the old age.

That’s why it is recommended a constant water intake to avoid any possible degree of dehydration.