PSA S-1000 MAX


The PSA S-1000 Max is the ultimate solution for untreated water or water of doubtful origin. You will get Safe and Low-cost Pure Water directly from your tap, the amount you would like, and whenever you want it.

PSA S-1000 Max is a unit designed to improve the bacteriological conditions of the water that you use for cooking or drinking.  The five stages of purification and the Ultrafiltration membrane make of this product a highest-efficiency purifier.

The PSA S-1000 Max kills 99.9 % of bacteria.


The supreme solution in Water Purification



Prefiltration and Purification Stages

01- Prefiltration: hrough its filtering cartridge, for sediment bigger than 5 microns retention.

02- Purification with KDF: KDF (high purity cooper and zinc alloy), used for lessen polluting substances concentration such as iron and lead, and also helps to the bacteriostatic control.

03- Purification with GAC: 
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) for chlorine and pesticide retention and organic matter in general (SPDs).

04- Purification with GAC impregnated in silver:
Granular Activated Carbon  impregnated in silver (GAC) for bacteriostatic control.

05- Purification with Ultrafiltration membrane (UF):
This membrane of easy replacement is responsible for the killing of 99.99 % bacteria and other microorganisms bigger than 0.2 microns.


It allows you to pour water in any direction (left or right, inside or outside the sink) without moving the unit.


You can easily figure it out when the time to change your PSA unit comes from the very first day.

Kills 99.9 % of bacteria

PSA provides a new solution for those people who have no access to microbiologically safe water.
With the Water Purifier PSA S-1000 Max you will turn the water of your tap into Safe Pure Water.

  • You won’t have to carry large cans or to gather bottles anymore.
  • You are choosing the best price in the market.
  • You ensure a quick and easy installation.
  • You can count on an exclusive after sales service.


20,000 l
24 months

Active Mediums

KDF® (high purity cooper and zinc alloy), Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), GAC impregnated in silver and Ultrafiltration membrane.




1. INAL authorization:
Agency of the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic RNPUD No. 0250018 (see PDF)

2. International studies:

Just as in our own laboratory, in the laboratories of the Pharmacy and Biochemistry Faculty of the Buenos Aires University, and in Establishments of Chile and Brazil, the PSA S-1000 Max has been tested to verify it efficacy in microorganisms’ retention, achieving excellent results which support its performance.


The under-counter model for the PSA S-1000 Max is the ideal option for those who don’t want to waste space on its counters.  This version allows an easy and useful installation, remaining in sight just a tap that match with the most exquisite and modern kitchen designs.

      modelo bm s1000 max