PSA Quantum


Purity and Safety

Water free of chlorine, suspended solids, pesticides and organic pollutants. Softer water, achieved by reducing the hardness through a cationic interchange, what it means:

  • Cleaner dishware, without scale signs.
  • Protection of devices, dishware and utensils wherever the hot purified water flows.
  • Food and drinks keeps its original taste and smell.
  • Health protection.

Water with less iron and heavy metals, thanks to the action of the KDF®, a high purity cooper and zinc alloy.

Purer, Safer, Cleaner and Softer Water



The main body of the PSA Quantum is made up of a purifying unit, replaceable, that produces about 20,000 litres (*), equivalent to 27 daily litres, approximately. More than what a family needs to drink, and to wash its food and cook it.
(*) depends on the water characteristics and frequency of use.


Its combined active mediums ensure a substantial reduction of the chlorine and other pollutants affecting the sanitary and aesthetic properties of the water for human consumption; and, at the same time, reduce the hardness by means of a process denominated cationic interchange.

Thus, it not only guarantees the purity of the water, but also recovers its limpid appearance and its natural qualities of taste, colour and smell; it also avoids the typical damages caused by hard water: scale incrustations in devices and utensils, especially those which use hot water (coffee makers, thermal jars, dishware, etc.).

And last, but not least, it gets ride of the health danger that hard water represents for the correct development of vital parts of the organism.


Each litre of PSA Purified Water costs just a few cents. There are no other similar alternatives out there in the market.

It is the end of heavy and annoying water containers.

Designed for water purification and softening

Hard water: what is it?

It is water with a high content of magnesium and calcium salts, elements that flow together with the liquid, and which in certain moment, especially when the water is heated, precipitate and are deposited in pipes, channels and devices, making up what is known as scale. What is more, this not only damages the water and the places where it flows, but also the food cooked with it.


20,000 l
24 months

Active Mediums

KDF® (high purity cooper and zinc alloy), Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), GAC impregnated in silver Cationic exchange resin





Highest purity in 4 stages of purification:

Prefiltration: By means of its filtering cartridge that retains sediments and thick particles.

Purification: By means of the KDF (high purity cooper and zinc alloy), used for lessen polluting substances concentration such as iron and heavy metals.

Softening: By means of a cationic exchange resin, that reduces to a minimum the mineral hardness of the water.

Purification: By means of the Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) of mineral origin, for chlorine and pesticide retention and organic matter in general. Part of the GAC is impregnated in silver for a bacteriostatic control inside the unit.


PSA has developed an exclusive system that allows installing the unit under your counter. With a simple connection, and by means of the appealing and effective PSA Tap, the unit will be ready to operate without taking up space under your counter.

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