PSA 1P Portable


The PSA 1P Portable is perfect to be used when camping, during vacations, at clubhouses, work or wherever you want. Now you can get PSA Pure Water wherever you are!

It’s so practical, that you can take it everywhere. Now you can count on reliable water for yours and your family’s health since you can get PSA Water from any tap of running water or water of doubtful origin.

Now The Pure Water is also portable!



Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), GAC impregnated in silver

Practical and Convinience

The PSA 1P Portable provides you the change to get Safe Water wherever you are. This makes it the ideal option for your travels or vacations.

Its reduced size lets you to easily take it wherever you wish to, and thanks to the fact that it doesn’t need any type of connection, it is the most practical option when wanting to drink PSA Pure Water.


1,000 l
6 months

Active Mediums

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), GAC impregnated in silver



The PSA 1P Portable works by gravity. Its functioning is really simple. You can poor water in the funnel with the lid, or directly from a jar or the tap. The water goes through the filtering unit and is deposited in the glass providing Clean and Safe Water with a nice taste, just in a few seconds.