PSA Shower – Ivory


The PSA Shower lets you enjoy of a tone up bath with all the water you wish to, free of the harmful chlorine and without the disadvantages of the hard and murky water.

Thanks to this Purifier, the cosmetic products for your hair and body will become highly productive.

Now you can enjoy of a much more silky and shining hair, and a softer skin without irritations.


For your Shower to be a Real Pleasure



 The PSA Shower has two versions: one with a mixed cartridge of Polyphosphates and KDF® (high purity cooper and zinc alloy), and other with just one cartridge of KDF®.


If the working cartridge is filled with foreign bodies, the internal pressure of the device increases. If it exceeds the recommended limit, the safety valve (or relief valve) will be automatically opened allowing the liquid to go out and releasing, as a consequence, the excess of pressure.


The sprinkling flower of the PSA Shower has an efficient anti-calcareous system that eases the release of scale incrustations that could be deposited in the lower disc of the flower, caused by the magnesium and calcium salts of the water.  In order to do this, the mentioned disc has an inset of a special flexible material that makes up, around each hole of the water outlet, small conducts of protection, similar to small truncated cones. When the particles are deposited over the soft surface, they can be easily removed just with your fingertip and thrown away to the running water. 

Results at First Glance

The PSA Shower has two efficient active mediums: Polyphosphates that prevent the formation of calcareous deposits (known as scale) and protect the environment and, the KDF®, a high purity cooper and zinc alloy, which eliminates a high percentage of chlorine and suspended solids, helping to reduce scale incrustations in pipes and parts of the shower head.


15,000 l
12 months.

Active Mediums

Option 1: (mixed cartridge) Polyphosphates and KDF® (high purity cooper and zinc alloy)

Option 2: KDF® (high purity cooper and zinc alloy)



The PSA Shower can be easily installed, without needing special tools or breakings: just wreathe it to the outlet water pipe, by attaching it or replacing your current bathroom fittings.  It is also designed to give you the option to connect it to the lower bathroom fitting of your bath.