PSA C3 Silver


PSA C3 is perfect for:
Oral hygiene.
You can have the best toothpaste and mouthwash... but, is water of similar quality? With PSA C3, you can brush your teeth or rinse your mouth using safe and reliable water.

Skin cleansing.
Perhaps you distrust wash water by smell or appearance. With PSA C3, you can use clean water to remove makeup or shave by washing your face with clean and safe water.

Drinking water.
With PSA C3, you may also drink fresh water, freshly purified, whenever you want, from the faucet of your bathroom, with confidence.

Pure water in your bathroom as well



Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
Silver impregnated GAC


PSA C3 has a 360° swivel cap with a spout for easy use in the bathroom, allowing you to have Pure Water in the most comfortable way. 


PSA C3's clear base allows you to see its effectiveness in retaining impurities. 

Your skin will see the difference

The whole family will enjoy Safe Water in a very important place in the house, the bathroom. PSA C3 will provide Clean Water to wash your teeth, wash your skin and drink.
You will notice the change in your skin, and when you shave.


2.000 liters
6 months

Active Ingredients

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
Silver Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)



PSA C3 installation in your bathroom faucet is easy. Place the by-pass valve, as usual, at the mouth of the faucet, then place the PSA C3 directly to the valve and make a quarter turn rotating it manually without forcing it. Upon completion of this operation, your PSA C3 must be positioned, also by hand, giving proper slope so that the spout does not splash out of the sink or basin. The slope chosen must be fixed, so that it will not change inadvertently, by adjusting the positioning nut- which is located between the PSAC3 and the valve- using a key without forcing it.